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We make sure you hit the Bullseye on your legal obligations, by completing an Audit on your Company!


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We advise you on the right Policies and Procedures  through an Audit Report.


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Receive a Certificate of Compliance to show you are serious about your legal obligations, through being compliant with the law!

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3 Step POPI Compliance Process

Being POPI compliant with us is quick and easy.
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Step 1

Apply for the service and provide the required information

Step 2

The documentation is audited by the Specialist.


Step 3

The Specialist provides you with a Audit Report and/or a Certificate of Compliance (when fully compliant)

The POPI Lawyer will help you become compliant!


You receive your  Report
with steps to follow to become fully POPI Act compliant.


The Specialist puts the requirements in place to become Compliant and Register your Information Officer.

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POPI will apply to every business that gathers, manages and stores personal information.

Certain information is exempt, such as information which is publicly accessible (e.g. company details on the CIPC website).

It need not be, if done through large law firms it becomes expensive. However, with us, we make your compliance simple, easy and light on the wallet.

Not true, all companies need to comply with POPI irrespective of their size. Even a Informal Spaza shop will be required to comply if they process any personal information

You will run the risk of using documentation from other countries, or companies which are not compatible to your needs. Meaning you will not be compliant

Read here, what the Information regulator has to say. 

The Information Regulator is empowered through the POPI Act to enforce the law. Read more about it here.

No – POPI does not apply to purely household and personal activities.

Yes – you will require there consent to make use of their personal information.

It is any information about a natural or juristic company (i.e. organisations) that can be used to identify them e.g. a cell number.

Yes – it contains a number of personal information of another party such as their contact details, address and so forth.

If you process and record any personal information during the course of your commercial activities (even if your a sole proprietor), then you must comply.

Yes – the definition of a data breach is very broad and captures a number of situations.

Yes – if they have consent to receiving the material. However, if they want you to stop you must remove them from the list.